Punks On Funk is a high-energy trio who plays dance music with an edge.  Keeping Northern California dance floors happy, packed and sweaty is their mission in life - and they consistently deliver.  With a focus on modern, current covers mixed with a pile of classic favorites, Punks bring their own thang to everything they touch.  Whether building a customized playlist for a private event or slamming out the jams at one of the East Bay's favorite festivals or watering holes, they have quickly built a rabid and loyal following..





The Whisk(e)y Barrel, Stockton, Ca

Gonna be a serious party as we get back to Woodbridge for the first time in 2018.  Get there early and stay up late so you can party like a rock star!  18939 N Lower Sacramento, Woodbridge, 9pm - 12am with no cover charge!



CoCo County Wines, Brentwood, Ca

Woodbridge Crossing, Woodbridge CA

A great outdoor venue with wine on one side and beer on the other.  Come celebrate the start of the fall and have some end of summer fun, 21 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA.  7-10pm, No Cover

About The Band

happy, bumpin' dance floors

Blacksmith Square, Tap 42, Livermore, Ca

One of the hippest new spots in the Central Valley, come eat some killer food, sip a tasty cocktail and have a spin on the dance floor, 151 W Adler St. Stockton, CA.  8:30-11:30pm, No Cover



Taking East County by storm at one of our favorite spots.  Should be an unbelievable night and a great venue...look forward to seeing the lucky attendees shake it down.633 First Street Brentwood, CA. 7-10pm